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Surprise your child with this lovely and colorful roll-up pocket that stores color pencils 

Great for outdoor use. Extremely portable. 

One set of 12 Color pencils INCLUDED*

Medium Pencil Pocket

  • This pencil roll holds up to 18 colour pencils. Its unrolled width is about 19.5cm and height about 24.5cm 


    Medium pencil rolls up into a tube of height about 200cm and a diameter of around 5.5cm. 


    This size is great for school bags. The flap over helps protect the pencil lead heads while remaining highly portable. 


    For bulk orders, please contact us to ensure stock availability. 


    *The brand of color pencils given is subject to availability. Faber-Castell remains our first choice.


    For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

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