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Teach your child how to write his/her name by using our custom made Name Books.

Using your child's name, we create a 16 page A5 size booklet that allows your child to practice their penmanship skills. This easy to use connect-the-dots guide book is ideal for both preschoolers and language learners.

The Revised Edition is currently only available in chinese. This edition consist of 16 pages. *(6 pages for individual character practice and 10 pages for name practice)

The formation of each chinese character is clearly shown. (Picture top left) Directional arrows and each stroke sequence is labeled with numbers.

Revised Edition uses the "KaiTi" font, which is currently adopted by Singapore's Ministry of Education.

*This is based upon a 3 character name. For names with 2 or 4 characters, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for their formats.

Chinese Revised Edition

SKU: 0003
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