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Personalized  听写  Practice Book  

Based upon your child's school curriculum, we will convert their 听写 list into an easy to follow A5 practice book.  

Each list can contain up to 20 Chinese characters.


The listed price is inclusive of design fees, delivery and a set of 3 copies.

Additional books cost $1 each.

The format for each book will be based on to the number and level of the characters provided.


This practice book is capable of handling simple sentences.

Please allow a minimum of 7 working days to process your list.  



How to order 


Take a clear photo of your child's list and email it to us at




Message it to any of our social media platforms listed below.

Messenger - @mrsdotdotbooks  

Instagram - @mrsdotdot1  

WhatsApp - (65) 90442852 


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