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2018 Calendar !

Our Year End Activity is out! Here is the "How to" page. Apologize for the misshaped dodecagon, my daughter sat on it. This year's activity requires alot of patience especially during the assembly.

First cut out template.

Then score and fold all the joints.

When assembling, use thin strips of sticky tape to help connect all the joints. This will help create a perfect seal.

If all goes well, you should be left with this. The final joint.

tada! Your very own 3D 2019 calendar!

(if you place sticky tape on all the joints your calendar would look much much better than mine)

This year's activity was tough to design. Calculating the angles and testing it took much longer than expected. If you are interested in receiving this activity sheet on a 160gsm paper, message me on facebook. Its free until my supplies run out. Limited to one per address.

Thanks for viewing.

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